me and martial art…hehe

This has been quite a long time after the last post.

This time I‘ll tell you about my new experiences. After returning from Real Work Lecture, im writing my thesis. Well, in the midst of spare time, I think I should look for busyness. to the point, I don’t want to always stare at the laptop, reference books, scribble result of the revision from the supervisor. so, I decided to participate in martial arts. Martial arts I wrote into my bucket list, and thank God, this time will be realized. I’m interested in Taekwondo but my edges even join Shorinji Kempo. Yeah, Shorinji Kempo!!!

honestly, my ears heard only Pencak Silat, Karate and Taekwondo.and very interested in Taekwondo after a few times see the appearance of K Tigers (one of the best places to learn Taekwondo in Korea). See video of their stunning appearance here .

Okay, lets back to Shorinji Kempo. Do u know Shorinji Kempo? check here.

IDK if I would still practice Kempo or I would stop in the middle of the road hahaha. I’m the type of person who is very excited at the beginning but eventually get bored quickly. but hopefully Kempo is a martial arts that fits with me.

thank you for reading this: * THANKUTHANKU =]


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