T K | S E M P R E & C O .

Truly, there is no fans greater than our HALLYU WAVE (KPOP) fans!! 사랑해용!! ^__^* ~ 

If you have lived under a rock lately, I’ll be more than gracious to share with you what has gone on in the world of entertainment lately.

  1. K-POP is taking over!! No, I’m not taking about Psy’s “Gangnam Style” – this is MUCH MORE than that people! Yes, the song is/was catchy but honestly, if you think that he’s the only Korean artist who has made an impact into the western sphere, think again!
  2. K-DRAMA is all the rage!! If you’ve watched any in the past or current watching some, you know just as much as I do…it’s ridiculously addictive! This isn’t like the daytime soap operas…K-DRAMA is just…pow mind blown! Yes, some story lines are generally the same *Zzz boring* BUT…there is something about it that makes it almost impossible to stop watching!

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