Growl Like A Wolf

Orange's Wear-abouts and Musings

This Saturday is quite unusual for me. First and foremost, it is my first time to attend a KPop concert. Me and my “Ate Sher” attended “KPop Republic” which was headlined by DalShalbet, SHINee and of course the reason I’ve been forced to watch the concert, EXO-K!



I like KPop, from the music quality to the visuals. I would be lying if I say that KPop and JPop don’t influence me at all. I really like watching KPop MVs and live performances. Let’s say I’m a quiet supporter of KPop but not really a die hard fan. My all time fave groups would still be 2NE1 and Miss A, EXO is trailing for the 3rd spot – every member is so good looking. Oh, I forgot BigBang ~ and GD! Hahaha (or should I use kekekeke?).

When we entered the venue, I didn’t expect that KPop fanatic would wear tees…

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