Greetings in Indonesia? No kissing!

Live in Indonesia

Western people usually greet the people they meet by giving them kisses, and thanks to the technology and globalization, we are used to it. In Indonesia, even though some people have already started to do the greetings by kissing, if you do it in public spaces, you will get a weird and awkward stares from people around you. Some people even will not be happy if you kiss them. So why does this phenomenon happen?

First thing first, it is a cultural thing. As a part of Asia, which has so many cultural habits, Indonesian people usually never kiss people in front of public. When they do, the person they kiss must be a close person for them, either family or a close friend. They are not used to kiss someone as a greeting. Beware of this,  because some of them will say you are either rude, or flirtatious.


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