Top 10 Interesting Korean Hotels


Recently I have caught the travel bug again!! LA LA LA! Unfortunately my bank account is begging me for mercy so I have been satisfying my cravings via photos. Earlier this year the Korean Tourism Organisation published an e-book entitled Korea’s 50 Most Unique Accommodations (click here).

Below are my top 10 favourites (please note that all information has been sourced from the ebook). There are strange hotels out there from ones without electronics, to ones where you may be able to bump into your favourite celebrity. Enjoy!

#10 Phoenix Island

The Phoenix Island resort is situated in Seopjikoji and one of it’s most distinguishing features is the large pyramid shaped club house designed by architect Mario Botta. Inside the pyramid is 7 metre stainless steel sphere and the building is situated so that visitors can admire nature’s beauty in all four directions.

#9 Lotte Buyeo Resort

I must confess…

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