My K-Entertainment Wishes


WISH #1: For SNSD to release a Diet and Exercise Book

Why I want it: SNSD’s figures are pretty much the envy of all girls alive. I drool over Yuri’s abs whenever she’s on stage and let’s not even begin to mention Sooyoung’s legs. Although genetics can be blamed, a lot of it is training, nutrition etc. I want a comprehensive book which details all of SNSD’s diet and exercise plans (not just the ti-bits that they dosh out here and there). Also, they could have a video with it, which demonstrates exercises and dance tutorials of their songs.

Why it would be impossible: Hmm would it be impossible? I mean, why shouldn’t they? Perhaps it would sell out even faster than their albums. Unless of course it’s what we all suspected: they only eat lettuce…in which case the book would be very short (jks).

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