Go! f(x)

The girls of f(x) head to Austin, Texas to attend the biggest music festival in America, SXSW! Join Victoria, Amber, Sulli, Luna and Krystal as they take over Austin. Then it’s time to go back to the basics! They head to Los Angeles to get ready for their long awaited comeback. They also get to spend some quality time with their friends and loved ones. Check out the amazing week that the girls spent in the U.S!

ACT 1 – f(x) arrive in Austin, Texas to attend the biggest music festival in the nation SXSW!

ACT 2 – f(x) finish their showcase in SXSW and fly over to Los Angeles. As they begin their first day of practice with choreographer Kevin Meher, the girls give us a sneak peak of what their usual practice sessions are like.

ACT 3 – Amber invites us over to her house to introduce her sister Jackie and her mom, “MAMA” Liu. Find out what they have to say about Amber’s childhood!

ACT 4 – The girls of f(x) collaborate with Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick! Check out exclusive behind the scenes coverage of their “Funny or Die” shoot. They also say goodbye to Kevin as they have their last day of practice in Los Angeles.

ACT 5 – It’s time to say goodbye! The girls have their final dinner in LA and reminisce about their past.

* Premiering July 31st at 7PM, only on Mnet America.

* Check out http://www.mnetamerica.com for more exclusive footage!


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