A short profile of Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Tiffany

Tiffany (Real name: Stephanie Hwang; Korean name: Hwang Mi-young; DOB: August 1, 1989 in San Francisco, California, United State; Height: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m); Occupations: Main vocal of Girls’ Generation, American-born South Korean singer, TV presenter, rapper, promotional model, dancer and actress; Instrument: Flute; Debut: 2007 as member Girls Generation; Labels: S.M. Entertainment, universal Music japan, Interscope Record)
-Eye smile
Any SNSD fan will automatically think of “Tiffany” whenever they hear the phrase “eye smiles”, and there’s no doubting why. Tiffany’s eye smiles are so unique, and you have to admit, it’s pretty cute how she smiles so much that you can’t even see her eyes. In fact, she’s so used to it, that she even admits it’s a complex.
-Sexy husky voice
Tiffany may not have the best voice in the whole group, but, personally, I still really enjoy listening to her singing because she has such a unique huskiness and she has such a versatile voice. She doesn’t often get to sing by herself but sometimes we get lucky and get to witness her solo potential. The thing I most like though is seeing how much she’s improved since those videos – although she was good back then, I personally think that she’s come so far in her voice development, as proved by this video. Even though her throat wasn’t in good condition at this time, she still manages to pull off a pretty difficult song, and that, is why I think she has an amazing voice: it may still not be as distinct as Taeyeon’s, or you may not notice it as easily as Jessica’s, but she betters herself with every performance, and really, I think that’s a good enough reason to deem her as a good singer.
She’s just gorgeous. She has a certain charm that I really like about her. Everyone loves her signature eye smile. She’s cute, pretty and feminine. She’s also got talent to match her beauty. I love Fany Fany Tiffany. She’s beautiful when she sings. Her face among SNSD is charming and beautiful. Whenever SNSD performs on stage, I can’t help but notice her all the time. And once you notice her, you can sense her aura, charm and probably will not take your eyes off her.
-She’s always the one being bullied
Although, again, everyone in SNSD is a big softie, I think I’ve witnessed poor Tiffany being bullied the most out of all of them. She’s a bit like the Eunhyuk of SJ, always being picked on out of love by the others?  I’d like to think she puts up with it because she’s too nice to say anything about it or she just doesn’t know how to insult them that well in Korean yet, aww. However, even when she does try to be “angry”, she’s just too adorable, hence probably why the members continue to lovingly bully her.
-Her attitude
Ever since I watched the “Dear Mom” cut of Tiffany talking about her mom passing away and the girls crying with her, I wanted to meet her and tell her I love her. How she goes on every day without a mother to care for her. But the beautiful thing is that god gave her 8 sisters to make up for the unbearable pain of losing her mother at such a young age. I also hate it when people call Tiffany “plastic” or “fake” because really the truth is she has such a kind and humble heart and I also respect her because she had to move to a foreign country and learn a new language against her will and then getting crap for it. It’s really all this that makes me love and respect Tiffany
Daring and passionate girl who crossed oceans by herself in chase of her dreams. Who, even though she has gone through so much hardship and heartbreak, has so much faith and love in her heart? So much that she inspires protectiveness and love in others. Professional, hard-working Tiffany who sings until her voice goes hoarse, refusing to let even vocal nodules stop her from doing what she loves.
“Thank you for inspiring me to be better people, for teaching me about dedication, humility and respect. It has been a genuine pleasure to see you blossom into such a confident, beautiful woman. Tiffany who can be gorgeous, cute, sexy, fierce or shy, sometimes all at the same time! Tiffany with the powerful voice to go with her spunky stage charisma and the beautiful smile to go with her beautiful heart. I hope Tiffany will be solo debut”
– from ME 🙂

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