Dear Mom

Ngutak atik laptop dan nemu file ini ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
perasaan dalam 17 tahun saya hidup, baru 2 kali nulis puisi
puisi yang judulnya ‘Kucingku’ sama ‘Dear Mom’

mom …
I’m always waiting for a call from you
Somehow, something I do not like first
I missed it now
Call from you … from you…

How annoying before, when all the time you call
Asked how I was doing every day, it is very annoying
Now, every time, if I hear your voice on the telephone
I wanted to cry, I can’t say anything

Even though I hurt you by choosing the wrong thing,
You don’t say anything and was watching me from behind

Who was combing my hair when I was a child?
Who is paired shoes when I was a child?
Who comfort me when I cry?
Who gave me spirit when I fall?

If I let go of the hands of mother
Can I do well alone?

Mom, I really love you


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